Thursday, 15 November 2012

The First Cut

A few weeks back, S and I indulged our artistic sides when we took in the Family Art Club at Manchester Art Gallery. The Family Art Club generally runs one Saturday a month and is for ages 6-11, however during holiday periods it is often opened up to ages 0-11 and so we decided to make our first visit. From previous visits to the Mini Art Club (aimed at 0-5 year olds) I knew that S can be a little wary of messy play, so I was pleased to find that this session was paper-themed, to fit in with their exhibition The First Cut. The exhibition itself is amazing, showing works by artists who cut, sculpt and manipulate paper, such as Rob Ryan and Claire Brewster. The first part of the session involved a visit to the exhibition and identifying as many geometrical shapes as you could. I was a little worried about allowing S into a space with such delicate artworks but he was fairly well behaved, shouting "Circle!" and "Square!" whenever he saw one. He has recently developed a love for shapes so this session was perfectly timed! 

Andreas Kocks, In the Beginning (2007)

After looking at the artworks, we then moved back to the education space where there were tables laid out with glue, safety scissors and different shapes of paper and stickers, to allow you create your own artwork. There were also tubes attached to the wall and children were encouraged to lie their paper flat underneath then throw the shapes down the tubes and glue them where they lay.

S thoroughly enjoyed this session and it was a relief to not have to clean paint off his tiny hands at the end! His art work ended up looking a little like a MirĂ³ and I might even get it framed...

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