Wednesday, 16 February 2011

No use crying over expensive milk...

As many of you will know, the government don't allow any incentives on milk for babies younger than 6 months, so any loophole in this ruling is very welcome in our house (a house that loves Boots and Tesco points, neither of which you can collect or spend on first milk). This week I discovered that Ocado offer a £15 off discount for first time shoppers when spending over £75. I gave it a go on a basket solely filled with first milk - and it worked! Ten boxes of Hipp Organic 800g and 9 cartons of Hipp Organic Hungry Baby 200ml, price matched with Tesco, for £60.36 after the money off. That works out as the cartons for free and then around £5.50 a box for the powder, a saving of almost £1.50 per box. That's maths I like.

Try it for yourself: using voucher code VOU7969913 (valid until 10th April). Or...just spend it on wine.

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