Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Pears - gorgeous little beasts.

Last week I made the usual mistake of buying pears - as Eddie Izzard says:

Pears can just fuck off too. 'Cause they're gorgeous little beasts, but they're ripe for half an hour, and you're never there. They're like a rock or they're mush. In the supermarket, people banging in nails. "I'll just put these shelves up, mate, then you can have the pear." … So you think, "I'll take them home and they'll ripen up." But you put them in the bowl at home, and they sit there, going, "No! No! Don't ripen yet, don't ripen yet. Wait til he goes out the room! Ripen! Now now now!"

Anyway. I bought a bag of pears which have now ripened just that bit too much. So I've found this wonderful Ottolenghi recipe which I will be trying out this weekend as my lovely husband seems to have bought out Tesco's supply of Craisins as well...

(NB if you'd like to watch the Eddie Izzard sketch in full, have a look here. It's worth it.)

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