Monday, 5 March 2012

Treasure Baskets

On Friday 2nd March S and I tried out the Treasure Baskets session at the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester.

I think he was probably a little old for the session as the aim of Treasure Baskets is to allow babies who can sit unsupported (but not yet crawl or walk) to explore baskets of found and natural objects, such as loofahs, brushes, torches, feathers and shiny material. S did not want to sit and touch these objects, which surprised me as he loves textures, but instead he wanted to walk around the wide open spaces of the gallery and explore all the dark corners.

Once he'd exhausted the exploration opportunities, he did become captivated by the torches for a few minutes, and Carol, who was running the session, also fetched him a basket of musical instruments as I explained how much he loves to make a noise!

There were not that many other babies there which was a shame but hopefully over time the session will become more popular as it was a lovely session for both babies and parents.

After the session, we went through to the cafe for lunch, I only had the soup and bread (from Barbakan in Chorlton so of course it was delicious!) due to money saving necessities but it was very filling - although I did need to order another portion of bread as S decided that bread dipped in soup was a much preferable meal to his jar of Organix food!

All in all I would say it's definitely worth a visit if your baby is sitting unsupported or even crawling, but if your child is as active as mine then it's still a lovely session - just expect them to want to run around!

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