Monday, 19 March 2012

What Shall We Do Today?

Last Friday, S and I had no plans at all so we decided to just head into Manchester and see what happened. The first thing to happen was that S was sick all down himself on the train, ruining his coat, all his clothes, his footmuff and the straps of his buggy. Following a quick change and a wipe down, he was back into his buggy, happy as Larry. A side note, if you're on a train and see a mum on her own trying to clean up a squirmy toddler, don't just move to the other end of the carriage, try offering some help...

Anyway. Once we arrived in Manchester, after a quick visit to Primark for a spare set of clothes to replace the spare set S was now wearing, we went to Manchester Art Gallery for a play in the Clore Interactive Gallery. We borrowed a sensory bag from the information desk which contained lots of different textured items for S to explore. True to form, he picked up a rubber ball and wandered around the gallery holding it.

After we'd been to the Gallery we headed to the Virgin Money Lounge so that S could have a sleep and I could have a coffee in peace. The staff there are very welcoming and are happy for the two of us to just come along and use their facilities - and the great thing is, everything is free if you are a Virgin Money customer!

Refreshed, the two of us went to MOSI for a run around the Experiment gallery where S played in the soft play area and had a good look around at all the flashing lights.

On the way home, he was sick again... poor S :(

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