Thursday, 10 May 2012

All Apologies

 'Tyred' at Eureka!

 I have been very lax in updating this blog for the past few weeks for a myriad of reasons - mainly though, I'd started to feel like I'd done everything there was to do on a Friday with S so felt very uninspired to write.

However, I've noticed a change in him over the past week or so; he seems to have suddenly, overnight, become a little boy - no longer a baby. So I'm feeling inspired again and ready to start exploring the world again.

A quick update then. Since I last posted we have attended two Friday birthday parties (both very different in scale and location, both very fun), visited MOSI again a few times for Experitots, been on holiday to a rainy Scarborough and visited Eureka! in Halifax with his Grandparents. All in all we've had a lovely time together.

Tomorrow brings something new for S - a visit to The Bridgewater Hall to see The Casablanca Steps performing a free lunchtime concert. The Casablanca Steps are a 4 piece band who perform music from and influenced by the 1920's and 30's - I'm hoping S will pick up a few Charleston steps!

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