Friday, 17 February 2012

The Creation Station

Today S and I (along with S's daddy) tried out The Creation Station in Glossop. The Creation Station is a nationwide franchise of art and craft sessions for children aged 1-11. As S is only 13 months I did wonder whether he would be ready for a class like this, but as it was the Valentines Day session I decided to show a little love and take him along.

The children are all given protective clothing, either full suits for the toddlers or plastic coats for the older children. The class then started with a welcome song and then some magic words and movement to open a box filled with the art materials that would be used that week.

Once we had the materials unpacked, everyone took a seat and began to create! We made pictures of 'lovebirds' using paints, foam rollers, paintbrushes, sequins, feathers and tissue paper. We then made clay hearts which were then coated in red glitter and hung with ribbon. The children could then take these home with them. The class ended with washing of hands, and a goodbye song.

Overall I thought this was a lovely activity and one I will look forward to taking S to in the future, however for now I think he may have been a little young as he mainly wanted to run around the room and explore. Having said that, he is a very active child and perhaps a child who is more willing to sit on their parents knee would get more out of the session.

You can book a class by emailing Sarah Kooper at The Glossop classes are currently 10am on a Friday at the Glossop Girl Guiding Hut on Dinting Vale.

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