Friday, 10 February 2012

So many plans

So next week is my last week before I return to work, S's daddy is off work as well so I'm hoping we'll have lots of fun together. Today I have been researching things for us to do all next week, along with Friday treats for S and I; it turns out there's a lot to do on a Friday after all so hopefully we won't be bored!

I have been making copious notes and so far have plans to go to the family sessions at Manchester Art Gallery, MOSI , Manchester Museum and The Whitworth Art Gallery, plus the NCT's Bumps, Babies and Beyond group at Mr Clowns Fun Zone and The Creation Station.

Today however, it's time for a playdate at a friend's house :) We're looking forward to playing with some different toys!

S with his good friend A at Mr Clowns Fun Zone

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